Korea is a dynamic, advanced country in a class of its own. As an English teacher Korea is a choice destination as demand for English instruction is well-developed and there is an emphasis on English education placed on the youth in Korean society. Students are genuinely motivated to learn English and ultimately one`s English level can be the difference between a good life and an ordinary existence. There are many good reasons to teach English in Korea, and here are ten of the top:

Top 10 Reasons to Teach English in Korea


1. Regardless of what your eventual career path will be, international work experience is often becoming the differentiating factor between one candidate and another. Especially, if you do intend to pursue a career in education, gaining international teaching experience will be an asset in your future career.


2. Earn and save money in a low income-tax environment in which prices are far less than you would expect to pay. You will also receive bonus equivalent to one month`s salary upon completion of your one year contract.


3. Major expenses in terms of accommodations and airfare are paid for by the employer.


4. Enjoy 12 statutory holidays and 2 – 4 weeks of paid vacation.


5. Travel Asia. Jeju Island, the Korean equivalent of Hawaii, is less than an hour away from Seoul. Japan is only one hour away via airplane and major cities in China are also within two hours of air travel. You are also within reach of Vietnam, Bali, Guam, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, and many other destinations.


6. Live in a safe, secure and advanced society. Gain a better understanding of Asian culture and history, learn the only alphabet-based language in Asia, and enjoy the extremely high standard of service, technology, and internet shopping.


7. The Korean lifestyle is generally convenient, with a well-developed inexpensive public transit system. It is easy to get around and free delivery services are common.


8. Shopping in Korea is amazing – it is a great place to get a new wardrobe. Everything is less expensive and the quality is very high.


9. The food. Korean fruit is possibly the most delicious fruit in the world, and cows are fed with home-made soup rather than being pumped full of antibiotics.


10. Enjoy the unique nightlife and night culture. Koreans know how to party.

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